About Theo Real Estate Developers

In 2005 Theo Construction was established & shortly thereafter Incorporated in 2006 to Theo Real Estate Developer Licensed by the State of Michigan as a general contractor we have successfully completed multiple commercial and residential projects.
As the growth of the early 2000s brought more projects to the area, we were able to offer our services to an increasing range of buildings and facilities. Today we have built and completed more projects with a larger variety of uses and materials than any other builder on the State of Michigan.
From inception, Theo Real Estate Developer philosophy is based on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on finishing all projects on time and on budget. Theo Real Estate Developer is able to have consistent success with completion times and budgets by continuously updating our equipment, constantly improving the knowledge and skills of our project teams, and utilizing the newest construction technology and software.
We are receptive to ideas and understand our clients and their needs. Our emphasis on quality is how we deliver the certainty our clients expect. Our projects are diverse but end with the same result; WITHIN BUDGET, EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, AND ON SCHEDULE.