Theodore D. H. Macklin | President/CEO


As President/CEO for Theo Real Estate Developers, Theodore is responsible for the overall successful functioning of the business including all construction teams, real estate development ventures and new business relationships. He has been responsible for the design, construction and/or development of approximately 7.5 million square feet of commercial and residential projects with costs in excess of $900 million. He has more than 10-plus years of commercial and residential real estate experience managing a variety of design-build, development and construction projects, and gaining a broad base of industry knowledge.


Michael Pollard | private manager on international real estate development


As a private manager on international real estate development, Michael Pollard is responsible for managing Operations and client relationships at all international locations. He has direct Business Development responsibilities to effectively manage the work acquisition process internationally by identifying, generating, and building new relationships and business opportunities that support TRED’s sales and marketing strategies. He has worked in every aspect of construction over the past decades – as a superintendent, project engineer and project manager – and serves as a mentor in the development of our next generation of leaders.

Gaufman Luke Brahman | Regional Project Director

Gaufman's experience in all phases of the building construction process and his leadership skills enable him to successfully coordinate the implementation, planning, scheduling and logistics of projects from the early development of project scope to the project’s completion. Gaufman's more than 20 years of industry experience has provided him the skills to lead project teams from the preconstruction phase through commissioning and turnover. Gaufman's expertise in Construction Management allows him to work directly with the customer to ensure that their project success factors are being achieved and the project schedules are being met.

Steven H. Duncan | Project Executive

As Project Executive, Steven H. Duncan brings a focus on the perspective of the client and is responsible for providing leadership for the whole project team to ensure that clients’ goals are kept front and center. With 15 years of experience working on the owners “side”, developing and maintaining relationships to create exceptional projects has been Duncan’s driving force in her 28-year career in the design and construction field. As a registered architect, she provides a complete view in the experiences of project processes from early conceptual planning through active management of owner occupancy to existing building assessment.
This unique combination of experience provides our clients with the assurance that they have a strong advocate for their project needs in Duncan.

Mario Consolo | Vice President, Business Development

Mario Consolo serves as Vice President of Business Development at Theo Real Estate Developers and leads the Work Acquisition Group. With over 25 years of experience in executive leadership, customer service, and strategic planning, Mario is often sought out for his business advice, mission driven decision making, and trusted opinions. As a former business owner, current board member, and a consultant, Mario understands the goals, schedule pressures, and fiduciary responsibilities of capital projects and works tirelessly to produce winning results.

Lewis Mason | Vice President, Organizational Development

Lewis is responsible for human resources, talent management, training, organizational development, and other initiatives designed to effectively steward employee and company resources to achieve TRED’s goals and objectives. He is a strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial leader whose career success has spanned the private and public sectors. Lewis has proudly served in senior leadership positions where he was responsible for pioneering strategies to enhance employee and constituent engagement, leadership training and development, talent acquisition and management, culture and change management, marketing and branding, corporate social responsibility, and more to improve organizational effectiveness. In addition, he enjoys being involved in many business and community organizations.

James Townsend | Vice President, Preconstruction Services

As Vice President of Preconstruction Services, James oversees the Preconstruction Team’s effort to TRED’s continued success. James has the proven ability to manage all the types of services we offer our clients. Whether it’s GC, CM, or Design-Build, he approaches each project, large or small, with the same intensity to ensure we exceed the customer’s expectations. James has extensive experience on institutional, K-12 schools and higher education projects. He has demonstrated an ability to focus on project schedules and cost control to meet the goals of each individual project. His relationships with facilities personnel have a lasting effect that makes owner representatives eager to continue working with him.

Chen Jason Wang | Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Chen Jason Wang has been a senior executive in the commercial real estate industry for nearly 30 years and has been with Theo Real Estate developers since early 2011. He is a member of the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee and is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the Theo Real Estate developers and for overseeing all corporate service departments. Mr. Wang has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from George Mason University and is a certified public accountant.

George P. Chayton | Associate, Acquisitions

George P . Chayton is an Associate focused on value-add acquisition and development opportunities. Since joining Theo Real Estate developers in 2016, Mr. Chayton has been instrumental in the acquisition of projects totaling 1.7 million square feet and over $600 million of value. Prior to joining Theo Real Estate developers, Mr. Chayton has assisted corporations, institutions, and other owner-occupiers in maximizing real estate value through structured financial products, involving tax, capital, and accounting strategies.