Our Services

  • Consulting

    Pre-Construction Site Analysis: Get a full understanding of what you are about to purchase and what kinds of cost can be incurred.

    Project Design

    Project Management

  • Steel Building Systems
    Steel Building Systems

    Theo Real Estate Developers has extensive experience in steel building systems and metal stud framing. As an authorized builder for Star Building Systems we can guarantee a building that will stand the test time. Whether your needs are for medical, administrative, educational, manufacturing, warehousing, or a small shop on your property Theo Real Estate Developers built Star Building System will meet your facilities highest demands.

  • Building Renovation
    Building Renovation

    For many their current facility or home’s location is perfect, but many are in need of some renovation work to meet today’s standards; such as oil & gas constructions, ADA improvements, tenant improvements or just wanting to make your home or office look more modern. We can help as we have completed numerous tenant improvements, structural stabilizations and residential upgrades. Contact us and we can look at your current locations potential of being renovated.

  • Design Build
    Design Build

    Theo Real Estate Developers design/build services allows the owner to work directly with us and our design consultants. This method of project delivery allows efficiency throughout the design process, which will ensure an accurate cost estimate when project plans are complete, and create a unified team approach towards your project. Whether it’s your new office, custom home or metal building our design build approach allows for accurate budget for your planning.